Mahanadhi - retention of an unsung screenplay

Mahanadhi -  retention of an unsung screenplay

It is often seen many times that the movies holds its relevance after decades of it’s initial release. To say something facile, it needs a open mind and a good craft for somebody to write a screenplay which holds the ‘domestic emotions’ in it’s very organic and exquisite format. Mahanadhi is one of it’s kind. The movie revolving around the central character krishna swami and his family, played by kamal haasan. The writer of this movie which is kamal haasan itself written the screenplay inspired from a real life incident happened in his own house.

The climax scene when kamal reaches sonagachi, the red street in kolkata in search of his missing daughter, and once he finds her the authorities of that institution was not willing to leave her without giving them enough money. At that point the workers of the institution collectively giving their earnings to the authorities to let the permission for her to go with her father. In that particular scene one of the sex worker says they’re introduced to sex work by their brothers, fathers and husbands to this place. In their perspective the daughter is very lucky when her father takes away his daughter from a place like this and it’s a delight for them too. It's very unusual in indian films potraying characters of sex workers apart from the usual lustful appearances at that point of time. The film has completed it’s 30 years recently and holds it’s significance for next 30 years.