Ever thought about how women in street manage their periods...

Ever thought about how women in street manage their periods...

Have you ever asked someone a question like this?

The relevance of this topic is increasing when we travel somewhere for a long time and especially when we see the condition of toilets in our own country, just think of the condition of women who do street peddling in our towns and cities depending on them.

What will be their state of mind when they face this condition during their period. I always see enlightened Malayalis talking about our cleanliness wherever we go. But often it is not seen in action..

That is often the case. This is not our issue. Shouldn't the municipality and the corporation see this and do it?.. Only if we take initiative against it, the authorities will even lift a finger against it. The respective governments also have a duty to provide the women who trade on the streets as human beings and to provide them with their human values ​​and clean public toilets.

What is more, not only the women who trade on the street, but all the people who lives in the street are experiencing these crisis. A lot of people I know have talked to me about this topic constantly and usually say that they thought about this topic when they were younger.

From that time to this time, nothing has changed.

To address these challenges, we need to work together to make menstrual hygiene products more affordable and accessible, provide clean water and sanitation facilities, educate communities and reduce stigma, and create safe spaces for women. By doing so, we can help women manage their periods with dignity and respect, and ensure that menstruation is not stigmatized or a barrier to their well-being.